Knights of Ember

Emberstorm is an extremely militaristic nation, the country is run by its knighthood called the Ember Knights. The Knighthood is broken into four distinct branches that cover different area’s of battle and abilities.

Efreet Knights

  • This is the most common branch of the knighthood, it contains most of the standard troops. Containing the Heavily Armored defenders of the army as well as the rank and file attackers
  • This branch typically attacks with various pole-arm weapons such as spears and halberds. To identify them they have a Efreet Skull emblazoned on their uniform

Pheonix Knights

  • The second most populous branch of the military. All the casters join this rank be they divine or arcane in origin.
  • Pheonix Knights standard uniform are black robes with a Phoenix covering the front of them.

Demon Knights

  • One of the less common sects of the Knighthood, the Demon Knights are where most of the most unsavory indiviuals are placed. This branch contains All of the Emberstorm assassins, spies, and other specialists
  • The Demon Knights are not always clearly marked due to their secretive nature. However the emblem of the order is a laughing demon which most members have a tattooed of, also when they go to battle they wear the demon proudly.

Knights of the Ebon Flame

  • The most feared and rare are the Knights of the Flame. This branch is solely made up of Fire Speakers
  • These speakers are not only trained in the ways of flame but also for war so they are able to use the flames for a myriad of tasks to aid the knighthood, however very little is known about them.
  • The Flame Knights tend to wear very simple armor with a crimson tabard emblazoned with a black flame.

Known Military Training

All branches are trained in handling fire to some extent, how they weild it differs by branch and their role. Also due to this training most members have developed some sort of resistance to fire.

Knights of Ember

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