Elemental Speakers

In addition to the standard divine and arcane casters there also exist speakers that worship the different elements in this world. They are called speakers because through their training they forge a bond with one of the prime elements and from then on can communicate with whatever element they have bonded with.

The process of becoming an speaker is very dangerous and is the main reason why there are so few of them in the world. The initiation process of each speaker differs depending on which element they are trying to forge a bond with.

Due to the strong elemental ties of each continent they all tend to only produce one type of Speaker.

Figarr – this continent generally produces Air or Storm Speakers

Kandejan – Most Earth speakers come from the Runsford area but there have been known to be clerics with other pacts come from kandejan

Quellani – This country doens’t have any historic ties to the elements but for some reason it does seem to generate most of the powerful psionics.

Emberstorm – The Fire speakers of Emberstorm are some of the most feared people in the realm.

Torj – Little is known of the practices that go on in the floating city, but they also don’t seem to have any strong ties to a certain element.

Rosslu – The lands of Rosslu rely heavily on the assistance provided by their water speakers in order to survive the harsh conditions that they live in.

Elemental Speakers

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