Aged Human war veteran


Urik is an Old human of slight build, he keeps a close cropped hairstyle typical of the Figarr military. He has a limp probably from some old war injury and he also seems to always be unarmed except for his walking stick.


The party initially helped Urik when he was accosted by some members of the Emberstorm Military. Afterwords he led them to a safe location and set them on their quest to find the 6 candles that would end the Emberstorm Empire.

Later the group met up with Urik again in Beleor where he gave them a quest to find a msytical pendant that was apparently the key to the Resistance’s attack on an Emberstorm Stronghold at Avarice Keep.

Urik has now led the group to the resistance home base in the southern region of Figarr to meet with the leader of the Figarr resistance and plan their assault.


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